Portable Blender Bottle
Portable Blender Bottle
Portable Blender Bottle
Portable Blender Bottle

Portable Blender Bottle

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Do you love to drink smoothies but find them inconvenient? Most people love the taste but say that they prefer to drink them within 1-2 hours of mixing them. Which we tend to agree with, they do taste better when they're fresh.

Studies have begun to show that fruits lose their nutrient properties within 12 hours of being broken up (aka blended). So if you're the type of person that likes meal-prepping and makes your smoothies for the week too, then you may not be getting all of the nutrients that you had originally hoped for. We understand and can relate to your problem, this is why we added a portable electric blender bottle to our collection.

It solves the problem of keeping the nutrients in the fruits, and even seals in the flavor because you mix it when you want it, whether that be at 7 AM on your way to work or as a mid-afternoon snack to keep you energized until dinner. It's the perfect answer to our problem, and it even comes in two cute colors :)

The BPA free bottle (it's made of glass) charges quickly via a USB cable that comes in the box and will last through your week's smoothies (it did for us). We chose to add this bottle to the collection over the competition because of it's easy to clean design. The other bottles were good, they even came in pretty designs, but they were a pain when it came time to clean them. It's kind of an important part to the process, am I right? We said it wasn't worth going through that hassle when cleaning it every night and none of them felt as sturdy as this one. We only want the best, and our standard is always: "Would we use this for many years to come?" If it hits that benchmark, this one blew it away, then we approve it to be shown to you. So we know you'll definitely love it too!

Enjoy those smoothies :)

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