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"I hate working out, but I LOOK FORWARD to your bootcamps..."

- Jess Ambro

Your coach:

Alexis Giurleo

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Results Like You've Never Seen Before

What makes my bootcamps special?

Made For Your Level

The First and Most Important Reason.
Everything is made for where you're at today.
So don't feel nervous - You can do this!

Full Body Workout

Bring your abs out as you get lean and fit (NOT bulky) with a carefully planned whole body workout.

In-And-Out in 60 Minutes

I know your time is valuable - so I treat it as such. In less than 1-hour we: warm up, workout (30-min), and do a recovery stretch.

Extra Motivation

If you like being around fun, encouraging and positive people, then you'll love the environment at my bootcamps.

Private Space

No one likes to be stared at while they're working out, so I make sure that we have our own space away from crowds.

Increase Strength & Cardio

Watch your everyday strength and cardio shoot straight up just by adding these well-rounded and fun workouts!

Accountability Partners

You'll make great friendships with like minded people. And find yourself showing up on days that you would have skipped a gym workout.

When & Where do we meet?

Terra-Cotta Park

100 Terra-Cotta Ave
Pointe-Claire, QC

Tuesday, 6:30 - 7:30pm
Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30pm

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What do I need to bring?

No fancy equipment, juices, mats, or anything, just a towel and a water bottle.
Be ready for the best training experience you can get anywhere.

You'll have an attentive coach guiding you and helping you get the most out of each rep you do.
A 60 MIN session that will work your whole body. And a fun environment you'll want to workout in.

FREE for Members

Anyone who is using my app can come to as many sessions as they want, at no cost
- my way of saying thank you.

1st Session's FREE

So you're new and want to try my bootcamps? Please come try it for free, no hassles, no worries, just come and enjoy yourself :)

$10 / Session

Not using my app? No problem! I do my best to keep the sessions affordable.


Spots are limited because of our private environment. So be sure to register with the form below!

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